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Promotional Offers

As we all know in today's pressured climate every penny counts therefore your costs are a major consideration for you and us.

We do all our buying from the manufacture and buy at the best rates available this enables us to supply you at the same rate as Cash & Carries even though we are delivering. This saves you manpower and time.

We belong to the buying group Sugro who secure us favorable rates, which we can then forward onto you through Moneymaker promotions.

We also do local promotions and try to ensure the best price for you.

You can either have a representative call on you or place an order over the telephone either way you get next day delivery, which of course is free.

Most of our customers order weekly and get delivery on the same day every week.

Give us a try, if you like the prices and second to non-service keep us, if not throw us out no hard feelings.

To find out more about our service please call us on 01923 220659 or contact us by clicking here.